Christians Prefer to Be Lazy and Apathetic… It’s Easier

“It would seem that Our Lord finds our desires not too strong, but too weak. We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased.”
― C.S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory, and Other Addresses

I have a realistic view of people that makes some people uncomfortable… people prefer to be mindless zombies who follow and trust without thinking.

Not ALL people do this, but we all have it in our nature to do it. We prefer peace… not peace like peace within chaos, but the peace that comes from doing nothing, risking nothing, and only caring about our comfort and security.

If you know history, you know that it takes A LOT for people to move from oppression to war. It took years of attempting to compromise with the King before the 13 Colonies realized the only way to freedom was by declaring war on Britain. It took years before the North and the South began the American Civil War. Both sides were hesitant to enter the fight and then the war began.

People aren’t often out just trying to start wars to send people to fight and die for them. It requires a lot of oppression to get to that point. If at all possible, we will live with oppression, literal or figurative slavery (not just here in the US but everywhere), and figure out how to adapt to the lot we are given.

No, we aren’t quiet about our oppression. We love to be loud and make sure everyone knows we are victims of our environment. We whine about how “if things were different, then I would…” but the truth is, we wouldn’t.

If we won’t rise up within the oppression, take a stance, rise to the highest level of where we can go within our traumatic circumstances, then no, once we are “free,” we won’t do anything with that either.

We have to work towards freedom and success… not sometimes, not until we hit a breakthrough, not till our oppressors or oppressive situation is lifted. We have to work through ALWAYS! We must fight to be free and fight to keep our freedom.

The Israelites were the perfect example of this. They cried out to God as slaves to the Egyptians for FOUR HUNDRED YEARS!! God heard their cries and sent ONE person to set them free: Moses. The masses of Israelite slaves basically didn’t have to do anything to move from oppression to freedom except to make the Passover sacrifice and walk out of Egypt when Moses said it was time. Easy, huh? They didn’t even have to go to war to get their freedom. God did that.

Honestly, most of them, since there were thousands of them, may have been completely disconnected from what Moses was up to. They didn’t know him personally. They may have never seen him in person. It was most likely only through word-of-mouth that they heard any of the instructions he gave to the slaves.

But AS SOON AS they left Egypt, the grumbling began. They wanted to be free but they really didn’t want it. They wanted comfort more than freedom.

They wanted the life they knew, not a life where they had to learn and risk again. It was easier for them to be slaves than free because they simply worked mindlessly as slaves instead of freely stepping into new opportunities to learn and grow.

The modern Christian church isn’t any, ANY different. The masses want to receive and do nothing with the truth they are given. They won’t step out and risk. They don’t want a life that will make them the least uncomfortable.

Sermon after sermon encourages Bible reading, serving, and spreading the gospel outside of the church…yet nothing changes. Because people, even God’s people, really don’t want to do what God says.

They want to marathon watch Netflix and say they don’t have time to open the Bible. They don’t ask God for wisdom or clarity because that might mean

He will ask them to step out of their comfort zone and do something risky. They want to keep their little routine of going to church, praying every once in a while (especially when things get hard), and never stepping out into their true calling.

I have been there for many years. I was a passive and consuming Christian. I still am at times, but I repent of that. I don’t want to live my life not being all that God called me to be. I want to see Him face-to-face and hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

I began this journey of taking risks for the kingdom four years ago, and I won’t stop. I fearfully prayed, “Lord, give me wisdom.” This is not a prayer for the weak-hearted. This is a prayer for those who are truly ready to submit their lives to Him. He will ask for things: desires to be changed, habits to be created, commands to be obeyed. God won’t play around with that prayer, it is to be used with fear and trembling.

God wouldn’t have granted that prayer for wisdom to Solomon if He knew that Solomon wouldn’t do anything with it. If Solomon was a lazy bum as a King, that answered prayer would have been wasted and God’s not into wasting answered prayers. He knows better than that.

If you really want to step out, it won’t be from your strength or passion. It resides in the person of the Holy Spirit living inside you. The Holy Spirit resides in the person who has submitted their lives to Jesus and has declared Him Lord and Savior. Just accepting forgiveness isn’t enough. He must be Lord in our lives. We must know that the only way we can do anything good is through Him only.

When we submit our paths to Him, He begins to change our desires and make our paths straight. He is the one who created divine moments and relationships. He is the one who gives us the wisdom we asked for. We don’t do it through our own might and brainpower. We walk in it each moment trusting Him for the steps.

And this changes everything…




Author of Into the Depths: Pursue Your Calling Through Intimacy with God. USMC Vet, educational consultant & Phoenix Chapter Lead of the Kingdom Writers Assoc.

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Jessica L. Moody MaE (Curriculum Specialist)

Jessica L. Moody MaE (Curriculum Specialist)

Author of Into the Depths: Pursue Your Calling Through Intimacy with God. USMC Vet, educational consultant & Phoenix Chapter Lead of the Kingdom Writers Assoc.

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